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New Torah Dedication

Click on the following link to view the article

 on the dedication of our new Torah by Joe

and Judy Kaufer:

Torah Dedication


Are you coming to Israel this summer? Are any of your congregants visiting Israel this summer?

10 buses for 10 years – Remembering Gush katif

The International Young Israel Movement (, the Gush Katif Commemoration Center and Friends of Gush Katif d are organizing a unique and powerful summer program entitled “10 Buses for 10 Years: Remembering Gush Katif.”

This interactive trip marking the 10 year anniversary of the withdrawal from Gush Katif, stands strong with a mission to take 10 busloads of visitors, both Israelis and tourists alike,  to several of the new Gush Katif communities to show solidarity to the former residents and that we are still here with them and for them.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet with former Gush Katif residents & hear their stories, see what has been accomplished in the new communities and tour the powerful Gush Katif Commemoration center.

The former residents are excited about the upcoming program and look forward to welcoming the visitors and speaking about their experiences and new lives.

Registration is now open. Please contact:  or check International Young Israel Movement’s website for details and sign-up information (

If you and your Rebbetzin would like to join us as a guest on one of the buses please contact at:

Bus Dates


·  Thursday, July 16

·  Monday, July 20

·  Wednesday, July 22

·  Friday, July 24*

·  Monday, July 27

·  Wednesday, July 29


·  Monday, Aug 3

·  Wednesday, Aug 5

·  Monday, Aug 10

·  Wednesday, Aug 12


Ceec Harrishburg            Daniel.M.Meyer

President                          Executive-Director





 Rabbi's message: 


This week’s Parsha, Devorim, begins with Moshe Rabbeinu giving rebuke to the B’nei Yisroel for the various transgressions that they committed in the desert over the forty years since leaving Egypt.

The wording of the Torah is:

“These are the words that Moshe spoke to all Israel, across the Jordan, in the wilderness, in the Plain, opposite [the Sea of] Reeds, between Paran and Tophel and Laban, and Hazeroth and Di-zahab.”

Rashi on this Pasuk is quick to point out: “‘These are the words,’ because they are words of rebuke, and because Scripture lists here all the places in which they caused anger to the Omnipresent, this is why it put ‘the words’ vaguely, and mentioned them through intimation, because of the honor of Israel.”

What Rashi is telling us is that out of respect for the Bnei Yisroel, instead of itemizing the individual sins that took place in each location, Moshe just alluded to them by mentioning ONLY the locations, and the people understood full well what it was they did.

Beautiful thought on Rashi’s part, but...

The Meforshim all ask the same question. Maybe Moshe only ALLUDES to the sins here out of respect for the B’nei Yisroel. But then he goes ahead and itemizes them in GREAT DETAIL at the end of all these Parshios. At the end of our Parsha he rebukes them in detail about the spies. In Parshas Eikev he rebukes them in great detail about the Golden Calf, and so on and so forth.

Which one is it? Make up your mind! If Moshe chooses to allude to sins out of respect, do it everywhere. If he wants to itemize the details, then why only allude to them in the beginning of our Parsha?

The Imrei Elimelech explains this question as follows. We find in the Midrash that when the B’nei Yisroel heard the rebuke from Moshe, they immediately took it to heart and began to do Teshuvah. Real Teshuvah! Sincere Teshuvah! Chazal teach us in the Gemara that when a person does Teshuvah Ma’Ahavah, (Repentance from Love), not only is he forgiven, but “all” of his sins transform into “merits.”

If this is the case, then after having heard the rebuke from Moshe and doing serious Teshuvah, ALL of Bnei Yisroel’s sins transformed into merits. Therefore, at the end of the Parsha, Moshe itemized every detail of the sin so that each and every aspect of it would now be recognized as a merit on their behalf.

To accept rebuke is a very difficult thing to do. Nobody wants to admit that they were wrong. It is always the “other guy” who did something wrong and needs to be sorry. How much harder is it to accept rebuke and sincerely feel regret, and how much harder yet to do it from “Love”?

We are entering into Tisha B’Av. The Bais Hamikdash was destroyed because of Sinas Chinam, the inability of the Jewish people to get along with one another. We are crying today, still suffering today, and still feeling the pain today of hatred that existed thousands of years ago. Don’t you think that the hatred we spew today will affect us for the rest of our lives as well? Do you not realize that the screaming and embarrassing of your fellow Jews and the disrespecting the rules of the Klal, will prolong our suffering and affect the lives of your children and grandchildren as well?

Only through TESHUVAH MA’AHAVAH, true and sincere repentance initiated by true sorrow and love, do you stand a chance of your sins becoming merits.

At the moment, out of respect to the membership as a whole, I am choosing to only ALLUDE to the goings-on that need to be addressed. Wrongs must be righted, apologies need to be made, and the good of the Shul MUST come before the desires of any individual. ANY individual!

This is not meant to be the spark for a Lashon Hara shmooze by the entire congregation, and please do not let it become just that.

However, I do feel that this time these issues need to be ALLUDED to publicly, so that the point is made, and that people have a chance to do Teshuvah without having details itemized.

Arrogance is not a virtue to be admired.

Do the right thing!

Good Shabbos. And, if we still must fast after Shabbos, have an easy and meaningful one.     

Delray Orthodox Synagogue, more commonly referred to as DOS, is a vibrant Modern Orthodox Synagogue serving the spiritual and social needs of its members. DOS provides daily minyanim, Torah learning, and interesting lectures by guest speakers. The very active membership committee is always on the lookout for new members and interesting ways to provide learning in an interactive environment. DOS serves a wide community area surrounding the Oriole shopping center.


We hope you will come and join us for a Shabbos, a service, or one of our weekly lectures.We are confident you will find DOS a delightful and warm environment and one you will look forward to experiencing again and again.

To request info, a change or add something to the site, send feedback, send a message, or inform us of a condolence or a Mazel Tov, Email: Delray Orthodox Synagogue

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