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DOS Outdoor Shabbat Minyan

DOS will be starting an Outdoor Shacharit Minyan for Shabbat, beginning December 19th.

The Minyan is open to Members and guests who:

  1. Sign the DOS waiver
  2. Agree to all of the DOS Covid Rules, and
  3. Sign up prior on the Link sent to you by email on the Tuesday prior to the Minyan, and must be completed by Thursday night at 9PM. Spaces may be limited, so sign up early if you intend to attend.


The full rules are available here.  

The map below shows the location of the minyan, and you can create and print walking directions by clicking on the Red Star Marker. The Red Star Marker is the location of the minyan. Click on the Star icon to open a panel and then click on the turn icon at the upper right of the panel for walking directions.  After clicking on the turn icon, select the "person walking" icon for walking directions


Introduction to the Shabbat Outdoor Minyan

We have been waiting a long time for DOS to begin having an Outdoor Minyan on Shabbat.  Weather permitting, beginning with Shabbat, Parsha Mikeitz, December 19, 2020, with HaShem’s help, we will be holding our first outdoor Shabbat minyan of the winter season.

As you may know, we are not permitted to have the minyan in the public parking lot adjacent to our Synagogue, and the committee has worked tirelessly to find a nearby space that would accommodate us. We have now found that space, worked out the logistics, and we believe that now, as the Snowbirds are returning to the area, we have enough members who want this service to begin.

Here are the details of where, when, what, and how the services will be conducted.


The location is in a relatively well protected and secluded parking lot on the North side of the Riverside-Stanetsky Memorial Chapel, South of the International Club Condos, and East of the Bank of America, and West of Congregation Anshe Shalom.

The Memorial Chapel does NOT store deceased bodies in the building, will  not be holding services on Shabbat, and will allow us to use their rest rooms during our services.


We have secured permission from Anshe Shalom to park a POD storage unit adjacent to where we will be holding our services. The POD will store our chairs, tables and an Aron that we will be borrowing from Anshe Emuna.

We will be using one of our Torahs for Leining during the service. The Torah will be brought to the service from DOS each Shabbat morning, and returned to DOS after we conclude our service.

We have arranged for our maintenance person to set up the chairs and replace them in the POD each week, and to place Sidurim and Chumashim on a table for your use. You are welcome to bring your own each week if you desire.

The chairs will be arranged with generous social distancing. The parking will be closed to traffic, marked by traffic cones across the parking lot entrances   The area is large enough to accommodate at least 40 men and women.


Since rain is a fact of life in South Florida, we have the following plans.

If the predicted rain probability is too high, on Friday, we will cancel the service and notify everyone by email

If it is raining when it is time to leave your home, assume that the services are cancelled

If we do not expect rain, but it happens, there is a covered area with enough space for some of us to wait it out. The Torah will immediately be brought to the shelter of the POD.  If it looks like a short sunshower, we can decide whether we want to wait a few minutes and then continue, or to go home and finish davening alone.


STARTING TIME:        8:30 AM

      We decided to start at this time for two reasons:

We want to start and end while it is cooler, and the sun is lower in the sky.

Rabbi Saunders has agreed to lein for us, and we wanted to stagger the service so that he can return to the indoor minyan after he leins.


    To reduce the time we are davening outside, we ask that you recite the Pezuke D’Zimera at home before you leave. Services will start at Nishmat.

 Please leave in time to arrive by 8:30 AM, so that we can start promptly. We will need a minyan right at the beginning, and if we start late, the Rabbi may have to leave and we will have no one to lein.


Maintain Social Distancing – Do not move your chairs.

Do not congregate closer than 6 feet apart

Prayers will be conducted with the basic Nusach, but there will be no loud singing. Masks should be worn at all times, including by the Sh’liach Tzibur and the Baal Korei.

There will be no carrying the Torah around the congregation. Only the Baal Korei will handle the Torah.

Those given an aliyah will stand in a designated, socially distanced place to the right of, and behind the Baal Korei.

The Baal Korei will perform the functions of both Hagbah and Gelila.


            Rules for attendance are the same as they are for the main Minyan, 

On Tuesday of each week, you will receive an email containing a link to sign up for the following week’s minyanim. Signup is easy. One just clicks the link, and then checks the signup button for each service you intend to attend the next week. The Outdoor Shabbat Minyan will be the first selection on the list. All members who plan to attend MUST sign up each week. If you intend to sign up for any indoor minyanim, you can do it by scrolling (or on a cell phone or tablet, page turning) and click the signup for each service you want to attend. When you finished with your selections, go to the bottom of the form and click on “Submit and Continue”.  There you will enter your name and email address, and confirm that you have signed and submitted a waiver, and have read and will follow our COVID guidelines.

Registration closes on Thursday, at 9 PM each week.

You will receive a confirmation email after your registration and a reminder the day before each minyan for which you have registered.

If you have ANY problem signing up, please call David Lazar, 847-858-7620 for help or training. Lazar has held both group and individual zoom sessions to walk through the signup process, and those who have participated have found the process works rapidly and easily.

There will not be a Kiddush after services.

Services are generally not expected to last more than 1-1/2 hours.


Zevi Saunders            Dorri Goldman, President                    David Lazar, Chairman
Rabbi                         Delray Orthodox Synagogue                Minyan Expansion


Wed, April 14 2021 2 Iyyar 5781