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DOS has Out-door Minyanim Sunday through Friday. Attendance is restricted for Attendee Safety during the Pandemic.

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A Message from Rabbi Saunders

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DOS Invites You to a High Holiday Presentation by Israel Bonds

Coming Events

Continuing Education

   Rabbi Saunders'  Shiur  Zoom Link

           Weekly,     Mondays at      7:30 PM            

 Outside Services, Streamed on Zoom:

   Mincha-Maariv Outside DOS Sun - Fri   Zoom Link
           Every Sunday Through Thursday at           6:45 PM
      Exception  - Pre Tisha B'Av Early Mincha        
                Wednesday, July 29              6:45PM       Zoom Link
      Exception - Tisha B'Av Maariv- Eicha         
               Wednesday, July 29              8:00 PM  Zoom Link 

 Tisha B'Av Shacharis Thursday, July 30 Outside DOS
             Thursday, July 30, outside DOS    8 AM     Zoom Link 
Tisha B'Av Mincha/Maariv July 30,  Outlside DOS
Thursday, July 30, outside DOS    7:30 PM    Zoom Link

    Friday Mincha Outside  
          Every Friday evening at 6:00 PM       Zoom Link 


Sisterhood Events

Sisterhood Tehillim Group Zoom

    Every Tuesday at 1:00 PM Zoom Link

    Every Thursday at 11:00 AM Zoom Link

To request info, a change or add something to the site, send feedback, send a message, or inform us of a condolence or Mazel Tov, Email: Delray Orthodox Synagogue

Mon, August 10 2020 20 Av 5780