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DOS will be starting an OUTDOOR Minyan for Shabbat Shacharit, beginning December 19.

Click This Link to learn more.

 Before attending services, Sign and Submit a Waiver to Rabbi Saunders or David Heyden.

Click Here for the Rules, and to download a Waiver  

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Coming Events

Continuing Education

   Rabbi Saunders'  Shiur  Zoom Link

           Weekly,     Mondays at      7:30PM      Note: Link may change after Oct26. 

  Back in Shul!!  
      You Must Be a Member of DOS or preapproved guest, Registered for the Service, have signed a waiver,
and follow all COVID-19 Guidance

  See Calendar for Shul Schedule. Services that are held weekdays can be attended on Zoom

Shacharis at DOS, Sunday through Friday, 
              Sunday through Friday        at       7:30 AM       Zoom Link

   Mincha-Maariv - At DOS.                                        
 Sunday through Thursday at 5:00 PM      Zoom Link

Mincha For Asarah B'Tevet
     Friday, December 25 at 1:00 PM              Zoom Link

   Mincha/ Maariv  Kaballat Shabbat
     and Mincha/Maariv Shabbat
See calendar for time.

    Shabbat Outdoors                 8:30 AM
Click for information)

    Shabbat  indoor at DOS       9:00 AM

Sisterhood Events

Sisterhood Tehillim Group Zoom

        Every Thursday at 11:00 AM Zoom Link

New Sisterhood Members Event





Recent Events

Sunday, December 13, at 7:00 PM

Sunday, October 18, at 7:00 PM 

To request info, a change or add something to the site, send feedback, send a message, or inform us of a condolence or Mazel Tov, Email: Delray Orthodox Synagogue

Sat, January 16 2021 3 Shevat 5781