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Our Shul

"A Jewel of a Shul"  



Delray Orthodox Synagogue, more commonly referred to as DOS, is a vibrant Modern Orthodox Synagogue serving the spiritual and social needs of its members. DOS provides daily minyanim, Torah learning, and interesting lectures by guest speakers. The very active membership committee is always on the lookout for new members and interesting ways to provide learning in an interactive environment. DOS serves a wide community area surrounding the Oriole shopping center.

We hope you will come and join us for a Shabbos, a service, or one of our weekly lectures.We are confident you will find DOS a delightful and warm environment and one you will look forward to experiencing again and again.


In the year 2003, 35 families became the nucleus of a modern orthodox synagogue in Delray Beach. These families became the founders of the Delray Orthodox Synagogue by donating enough start-up funds in order to convert several stores in the Oriole Shopping Center into what is now a lovely and friendly Synagogue. Within 6 months, our membership was up to 73 family members plus single members as well and we were able to add our present social hall. Our first Shabbos in our Shul was held during Chanukah of 2003. The Delray Orthodox Synagogue was formally dedicated in Jan. 2004 with music and dancing with the Torah, which was lent to us by another orthodox synagogue. The ceremony was attended by members, friends, and other orthodox rabbis from neighboring communities. In the years following, members have donated Torahs to our Shul which were also celebrated with music and dancing.

Our small friendly congregation is like an extended family. We have educational programs throughout the season, as well as Sisterhood functions such as book reviews, informational speakers and entertaining meetings plus social events. Shabbos services always conclude with a Kiddush, where congregants can join in a social atmosphere.
We have both homes and condominiums in our area with varied price ranges, which are within walking distance of our Shul. There is excellent shopping and entertainment close by and we are near hospitals and we have Kosher restaurants within a 5 mile radius.

We have an extensive Kosher Eruv which surrounds the entire Delray Beach area. 



A new Kiddush Donation Opportunity

An Opportunity to Donate to a Kiddush Fund that will be used to fund a Kiddush on a day when we do not have a Sponsor

Read how it works, and click to contribute below

Delray Orthodox Congregation has created Kiddush Fund for members to contribute any amount of money, from Less than Chai to Chai x Chai (or even more) toward a group sponsorship of a Shabbat or Holiday Kiddush that is not otherwise sponsored. Here is how it works - - - 

  • At any time of the year, one can contribute to the Kiddush Fund
  • The donors' names and the total accumulating amount in the fund will be tracked. 
  • When the fund accumulates a total  amount of donations sufficient to fund a Kiddush, the Kiddush Fund Committee will sponsor the Kiddush at the first appropriate date that does not have a committed sponsor. This date will be determined when we get to 7 days before the unsponsored date.
  • At that time, funds will be withdrawn from the fund sufficient to cover the purchases for that date, and the names of the people who have contributed those funds will be publicized in the bulletin and on flyers in the Kiddush Room.
  • While donations may be made to this Kiddush fund in honor, or in memory of a person or an event, that donation will be recognized as any other yahrzeit or honoring donation would be, at the time the donation was made, but the reason for the donation would not be acknowledged in the flyer, since the date of the Kiddush may not be closely related to the event.
  • This process has been used in many other synagogues with good success, and we look forward to this also being successful at DOS.

Sun, January 23 2022 21 Shevat 5782